Do you ever feel like you're stuck spinning your wheels in business, life, family, and health?

I solve that problem for high-performing entrepreneurs...

I solve it by working with entrepreneurs to get crystal clear on their mission and purpose and then maximize their performance to turn that mission into reality 2-10X faster.

Meet Your Coach

I’m Ray Hinish, entrepreneur, master business coach, certified performance coach, and family-man. 

I help entrepreneurs, like you, build a wildly profitable business, a healthy body, and a bad-ass life. 

 As an entrepreneur with two brick and mortars businesses and other online properties, I understand the challenges that you face every day. Beyond that, I have committed my life to mastering the strategies and tactics to overcome those challenges and help you build a wildly-successful life by upgrading your psychology, strategies, systems, and life! 

 Let me put on my lucky work vest and let’s get moving!

Achieve Your Dream Life...

When I was a teenager, I never felt like I had extraordinary talent…

I was a chubby, nugget-headed kid with Pepsi-bottle glasses. My grades were average. I had no discernible athletic ability. I felt average, in fact, I was average.

Today I understand that my “averageness” is my superpower. I was gifted “averageness”…

…AND the desire to be more than average.

These two competing realities sent me on a quest to learn how to “manufacture extraordinary”.

Throughout the years I have studied high-performance and human potential starting in my youth when I saved up my lawn-mowing money to purchase a personal development cassette course to modern day where I have read hundreds of books and sat through thousands of hours of training on the subject of “manufacturing greatness” in life and business.

Now my mission is to teach and coach other achievement-focused entrepreneurs, like you, to live their potential and dreams!

Yes, I Get It...

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to feel successful in your business AND your life, that’s my mission…to help you optimize your business, and build a bad-ass life. 

Most people don’t get you and don’t get your lifestyle. I do. Beyond that, I am trained and certified in tools and techniques to help you cultivate success in your personal life as we build success in your business life

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