I’m Dr. Ray Hinish

Health & Human Potential Coach

I help entrepreneurs and business owners maximize their personal and professional performance and then I help them consistently stay and  perform at that level. Do you have an area of your life where you feel you could be performing better?


It's Time To Upgrade Your Business So That It Brings More Profit, Freedom, & Purpose To Your Life

I'm Ray Hinish, Peak Performance Coach Specializing In Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs have unique life and relationship challenges. I help entrepreneurs uncover their life purpose, unleash their inherent happiness, optimize their personal and professional life, and explode their personal and professional success!  Do you have an area of your life where you feel out of balance, chaotic, or just plain dissatisfied?


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Clarity, Success, and Freedom

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If you're an entrepreneur who feels stuck, burned out, or just feels like you're spinning your wheels without making progress towards the life you imagined, this is your opportunity to get clear and focused, to dig out of debt, to find new ways to evolve your business, to get healthy, to restore relationships that have grown distant, and to turn your business into a machine that works hard so that you don't have to...

Coaching From The Trenches...

Yes, I know what it feels like to be a business owner and entrepreneur...


I know what if feels like to wake up one morning $225,000 in debt, to barely make payroll, to have to let an employee go, on New Years Eve...


I was burned out, tired, and even found myself daydreaming about getting a W2.


Rather than turning towards self-pity, I became obsessed with building effective business systems. Systems that would minimize waste and virtually guarantee a profitable business.


I started studying the science of human potential and human performance. I set out on a mission to master business AND master performance, productivity, and the psychology of true happiness.


And now, I coach others to master their business and master their lives!




A Coach Gets You To Do The Things That You Don't Want To Do So That You Can Be The Person That You Want To Be.

1. No One Wakes Up With Bad Intention

You are making the best choices you can with the information you have available to you. One thing a coach will do is help you resource up so you can make better decisions. 


2. Your Past Does Not Equal Your Future

It only takes one new thought to change everything. As your coach, we'll work together to dig for that gold. Most personal transformations happen in the space of "what you don't know you don't know."  When you discover a truth that you didn't know that you didn't know, the world can change in an instant. We will uncover these truths together.


3. You Are Not Broken

Mental health and personal success are your default state. A good coach believes two things about you...you are already perfect AND you can get better. 


4. Everything Is Achievable

Yes, EVERYTHING is achievable for you...it just may not be achievable for you right now, in this moment. That's part of the core work that we will do together, figuring out who you need to BECOME to achieve that "impossible dream" and then get to work making it happen. 


5. Empowerment = Responsibility

Acceptance of total responsibility for your life is a requirement for successful coaching. As your coach, I will keep on calling you back to total responsibility, I will walk with you but in the end your life is on you! EVERY part of it!


6. Life Is A Game And You Make The Rules

When you turn the coaching process into a game you can dream big and play to win while simultaneously enjoying the process. I believe in a gamified approach to coaching and will help you set the rules and love the process.


7. To Thrive In This World We Need To Play Like Professionals, Not Amateurs


Every professional athlete has a coach. The coach helps the talented person (that's you) recognize their strengths and develop systems, skills, and mental grit to perform under difficult situations. That's what we'll do together. Achieving big things and living an amazing life is not easy, it shouldn't be easy, it never will be easy and you need to train for the game ahead. You and I will train together until you feel that you can take on the world without a coach! 



8. My Goal Is To Coach Myself Out Of A Job


A good coach wants his players to ascend beyond the need for coaching. A bad coach wants to make you dependent on their constant counsel...Once you start with me, I am dedicated to helping you grow beyond the need for my services. As you'll read in the FAQs below, no one "needs" coaching anyway...you want coaching because you want to grow and achieve faster and more gracefully than you are currently developing and coaching helps you do just that! Coaching helps you achieve 2-10X faster. Don't worry about me, there are plenty of people who want to achieve big things in life!